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Three Simple Steps to Content Mastery🚶

Step 1: Select the tasks to be done

Choose from 200+ ready-to-use applications, including Amazon Listing Builder, SEO Content Wizard, AI Image Creation, and more

Step 2: Give Kua.ai a bit of context

Enter your product names or keywords, then choose the desired output language and tone

Step 3: Confirm the results

Kua.ai provides you with quality results that align with industry best practices. You simply need to confirm the option you prefer the most

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Three Simple Steps to Content Mastery
Create Distinctive Content with Your Unique Brand Style

Infobase 📖
Create Distinctive Content with Your Unique Brand Style

Add your brand information, product details, and brand voice into Infobase

Simply enter "#" to instantly use this information in any Kua.ai application or during AI chats

Say goodbye to concerns about AI-generated content being overly generic or including information that contradicts your facts

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AI Image Creation 🎨
Craft Stunning Product Images Even for Beginners

Text to Image

Describe what you want in your own words and create the desired images instantly

Image Variation

Quickly generate similar-style images by uploading an existing product image

Replace Background

Easily change the background of a product image using preset templates or based on your specific requirements

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Craft Stunning Product Images Even for Beginners
AI Assistant Built for Ecommerce

AI Chat 💬
AI Assistant Built for Ecommerce

Easily switch between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4

GPT-4 is better at long-form content creation and reasoning, but it's also more expensive. You can switch to the right model depending on your use cases to achieve cost efficiency

Access to Google and Amazon data

Real-time web and data access capabilities enable you to make updated and data-driven decisions without "hallucinations"

Improve your prompts with the click of a button

With just one click, the AI Assistant will refine your prompts to a professional grade. Say goodbye to the complicated prompts

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