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Dec, 2023

New features release

Workflow Feature Upgrade – Customizable Outputs:Users now have the ability to customize the outputs of their Workflows. When creating applications, users can select and combine results from different nodes within the Workflow to form a cohesive output list. This upgrade offers greater flexibility and control over the final output of Workflows. Further enhancements, including support for additional output types, are planned for future updates.

Screenshot(Customizable Outputs)
Nov, 2023

New features release

Workflow:We are excited to introduce the Workflow feature. Now, when creating applications, users have the option to create Workflow applications. These are sophisticated constructs, composed of multiple Prompt applications, designed to tackle more complex and precise content generation challenges. This enhancement empowers users to streamline their creative process, allowing for the assembly of intricate tasks into one cohesive workflow.


Integration of Claude2 Model:We have now integrated the Claude2 model into our AI Chat and Prompt applications. This update allows users to select and utilize the Claude2 model.

Oct, 2023

New features release

Workbench:Users can now customize their homepage by adding frequently used applications to the Workbench for easier and more efficient access, eliminating the need for repetitive searches.


User Experience Enhancements

History Display for Applications: Users can now view the usage history of each application directly on its interface. This feature allows easy access to previous inputs and outputs with just a click.


Image Creation History Display: In the 'My Asset' section, users can now view a history of images they have generated. These images are available for download, providing a convenient way to manage and utilize your creative outputs.

Screenshot(My Assets)

Content Visibility Within the Same Workspace: A new preference setting has been added to the workspace. Users can now choose to isolate the content created within the same workspace, making it visible only to themselves and not shared with other members of the workspace.

Screenshot(workspace setting)