How to Identify the Right Keywords for Amazon Listings from Competitors' Listings

May 15, 2024
5 min read

Keyword Research is one of the most important tasks in Amazon Listings, and traditional methods via Helium 10 or Jungle Scout are also very time-consuming. The emergence of ChatGPT can greatly improve efficiency, but it is necessary to overcome the Hallucination of ChatGPT. Below we share how to use the applications to identify the right keywords from competitors' listings, and make scientifically informed decisions based on Google search data.

1. Select 5 competitors, which usually come from top ranking listings for a speicifc search query (for this example "Portable Power Station",  or from Best Seller Rank (BSR), as well as the listings of already known competitors.

2. Copy the titles and key features (bullet points) descriptions of these 5 competitors and paste them into a Word document:

3. Log in first. In Amazon - Keyword Research, find "Competitive Keyword Research: Primary" and paste the competitor listings collected from the previous step. Obtain 10 primary keywords. As you can see, for the competitor listings, the AI summarizes the category word as "Portable Power Stations" and provides 10 synonymous keywords.

4. Input these 10 primary keywords into "Keyword Evaluation" and click on AI generation to obtain the search volume and competitiveness of these keywords. It is important to note that the default country input is the United States. If your Amazon store is not in the United States, you need to change it to another country to get the right data. For example, if you sell on Amazon India, you need to fill in India. Through data analysis, it can be seen that among these keywords, "Lithium battery" hits the largest search volume. Additionally, "Camping Power Station" is also a usable keyword, because Camping is a major use case for this product.

5. Using the same method, find "Competitive Keyword Research: Longtail" in Amazon - keyword Research and input the competitor listings to get 10 long tail keywords.

6. Paste these 10 long tail keywords into "Keyword Evaluation" to obtain the search volume and competitiveness of these keywords. Based on the data, select the long tail keywords. The long tail keywords for the Portable Power Stations category have low traffic, but the selling point of Solar-powered generator for camping is worth focusing on and should be used in your listing.

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