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May 23, 2024
5 min read is thrilled to announce the launch of the Information Library, a feature designed to store content that users need to access repeatedly, such as company profiles, monthly plans, and future development directions. Let's dive into what the Information Library is, how to import content, its benefits, and how to use it.

1. What is the Information Library?

The Information Library allows users to store content on that they need to use multiple times, such as company overviews, monthly planning, future development directions, and more. By uploading text, AI can understand additional information, answer questions, and generate content that aligns closely with the company's current situation.

2. Importing Content

Currently, content can only be imported by copying and pasting text into the designated area. Future updates will enable uploading Excel and PDF versions. Cross-border enterprises can import text content such as customer service rules (e.g., returns, shipping costs), product specifications, company introductions, marketing plans, etc. AI can leverage this information to help businesses create listings, write foreign trade development letters, SEO, and analyze product information to discover insights, such as high-demand, low-competition product attributes.

Example: In Amazon Listing writing, importing product overviews into the Information Library ensures that generated listings perfectly match the actual product in selling points and specifications, thereby increasing conversion rates and sales.

3. Benefits of the Information Library

Personalization: Create and analyze based on the company's proprietary data, aligning closely with the current business situation.

Efficiency: One-click access to information in conversations or prompts. For example, when writing a foreign trade development letter, you can call up the company introduction with one click, avoiding repetitive pasting.

Prompt Example: Write a foreign trade development letter, introducing the company's current situation and future development goals, expressing a desire to discuss cooperation, with a formal tone and concise language. Related information: #CompanyIntroduction #CompanyInformation #CompanyFinancialDevelopment

4. How to Use the Information Library

Access: Visit, click on "Infobase" in the top left corner.

Add Information: Click the "Add" button, enter the name and description text of the information you need to add, and click save.

Call Information: Use the "#" symbol to call information from the library.

The Information Library is a game-changer for businesses looking to streamline operations and enhance personalization. By centralizing essential information, it not only saves time but also empowers AI to generate content that resonates with your business's unique needs and goals.

Ready to explore the Information Library? Click here to start with or leave a comment below sharing your thoughts on how this feature can benefit your business!

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