Selling on Amazon Category Style Guide: Automotive & Powersports

July 10, 2024
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Selling on Amazon

CATEGORY STYLE GUIDE: Automotive & Powersports

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Table of Contents

Using this Style Guide . 3

About the Automotive & Powersports Part Finder . 4

Summary: Good Detail Page Content. . 7

How to List Automotive & Powersports Items. .9

UPCs. .10

Item-Type Keyword. .11

Title Style. 1.12

Brand & Manufacturer ..17

Key Product Features .18

Examples of Good Feature Bullets: . . 19

Product Descriptions .20

Examples of Good Product Descriptions: . . 21

Item Package Quantity. ..22

How to Set Up IPQ for a Product ..23

Images. .25

Examples of Good Images . . 26

Examples of Bad Images . . 26

Variation Relationships ..27

Collision Parts ..29

Remanufactured Parts. .30

Product Bundles. ..31

Core Charges. 1.32

Browse & Search ..34

Guidelines for Listing Your Search Terms. .36

Text-file feed . . . 36

Add a Product in Seller Central . . . 36

Appendix A - Collision Part Item Type ..37

Appendix B - Exterior Collision Part Item Type .38

Using this Style Guide

This style guide is meant to help you create informative and compelling listings that will be discovered easily by customers and will lead to sales. Additional information on managing your inventory and improving sales can be found in Seller Central Help.

About the Automotive & Powersports Part Finder

The Amazon Automotive Part Finder is a website tool that provides customers with a way to check if fitment-specific products (products that only fit certain vehicles) fit their vehicles. It also helps customers discover products that fit their vehicles. This tool primarily focuses on displaying fitment information via a 'check-fit' stripe that appears on the top of product (ASIN) detail pages. Once on a detail page, a customer can input the Year, Make, and Model of their vehicle into this Part Finder stripe in order to determine if the product fits. Additional vehicle attribute information such as Trim or Engine type may also be needed to determine the correct fit. The stripe will turn green if the part fits the entered vehicle and it will turn red if it does not.

Part Finder is compatible with cars, light trucks, SUVs, vans, motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs. It is not compatible with medium/heavy duty vehicles. You can only include fitment-specific products in Part Finder. As a general rule, you cannot include universal products such as universal floor mats and seat covers, air compressors, and OBD2 scan tools.

The data that drives Part Finder and relates products to vehicles is called fitment or application/ACES data. Fitment data describes the brand/part number combinations that can be applied to certain vehicle configurations. For example, fitment data indicates that the ACDelco 41-993 spark plug fits a 2000 Cadillac Escalade (among other vehicles). If an ASIN does not have fitment data, the Part Finder stripe will not allow customers to check if the product fits their vehicle.

Listings matched to fitment data in Part Finder perform better than listings that do not use Part Finder, so we strongly encourage you to ensure your fitment-specific products are in the Part Finder tool. Additionally, Part Finder helps customers buy parts for their vehicles with confidence, which reduces returned or cancelled orders.

For more information about Part Finder and fitment data, visit this Seller Central Help page - Automotive & Powersports Part Finder and Fitment Data.

Automotive Homepage with the Part Finder Stripe

Example of a Detail Page with the Part Finder Stripe

***Because Part Finder tells the customer which parts will fit their vehicle, DO NOT put year, make, and model information in titles, bullets or product descriptions if you are listing fitment-specific parts.

by Magnaflow Qty: 1. ∇ ▱▱▱▱ Yes, I want FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime List Price: $736.55 Price: $642.44 & FREE Shipping. Details You Save: $94.11 (13%) Only 3 left in stock (more on the way). Ships from and sold by

  • Dyno tested and proven to make power Add to Wish List
  • Great sound has a smooth deep tone
  • 100 percentage - all stainless steel
  • See more product details Got-Chrome Add to Cart $642.44+ Free Shipping wUnderCarParts LLC Is this a gift? Please note that this item ships in its own packaging and cannot be gift-wrapped or concealed. $642.44 + Free Shipping Trends-Auto $642.44 + Free Shipping

Your Garage (94) ⋆

See similar products that fit this vehicle:

Performance Parts & Accessories > Exhaust System > Cat-Back Systems

Performance Parts & Accessories > Exhaust System > Complete Kits

Replacement Parts > Exhaust & Emissions > Cat-Back Systems

See all products that fit this vehicle

Magnaflow 16518 Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System

by Magnaflow Qty: 1[⋆]

古古女女女 = 5 customer reviews Yes, I want FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime

Price: $642.44 & FREE Shipping. Details

You Save: $94.11 (13%)

Only 3 left in stock (more on the way).

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Want it Friday, Jan. 3? Order within 39 hrs 48 mins and choose One-Day Shipping at checkout. Details

  • Dyno tested and proven to make power Add to Wish List
  • Performance gains in horsepower and torque
  • Great sound has a smooth deep tone
  • 100 percentage - all stainless steel
  • Mandrel-bent all welded built to last

5 See more product details

52 new from $642.44

Is this a gift? Please note that this item ships in its own packaging and cannot be gift-wrapped or concealed. $642.44 + Free Shipping

Summary: Good Detail Page Content

Benefits of a Good Detail Page

A clear, concise detail page will enable customers to find what they are looking for and more easily make the decision to purchase your product.

Better Click-Through - More customers will select your product from a group of similar items if your product has the following:

  • Amazon formatted Titles which encourage consistency and are easy to read
  • Main Product Image which clearly shows the products without any distractions
  • Customer Reviews that provide corroboration for why your product does what it says it does

Better Conversion - More of the customers who visit your product’s detail page will buy your product if

you include the following:

  • Feature Bullets which identify the important features
  • Product Description provides specifications in depth
  • Alternate Images allow customer to view the product from several angles
  • Customer Reviews which point out pros and possible cons of the product, giving potential customers more information.

How Customers Get to Your Products

Most customers find products via search results from a search on Amazon itself or an external search engine, and the first view they have of your product will be a display like this:

As you can see, the first factors the customer will use to differentiate your product are:

  • Title
  • Image
  • Price
  • Customer Rating
  • Availability, including Prime availability

It is important to make sure your titles and images are the best they can be. To make your products easier to find and to differentiate them from groups of similar products, start by making the information on your product detail page as accurate and precise as possible.

How to List Automotive & Powersports Items

Accurate data is crucial to discovery and sales. How you present your products will greatly influence a customer's purchasing decision when shopping on Providing a clear and concise listing that follows a consistent easy-to-read format will make it easier for customers to discover your products, and make it easier to understand what you are offering This, in turn, should result in increased traffic to your detail pages and sales of your product on

Review the following information for setting up your product detail pages and make the

UPCsUPCs are required for all major brands of Automotive & Powersport products on Amazon.Item-TypeSelecting the correct Item-Type Keyword for your product is the first step in creating an accurate, searchable and browse-able product on Amazon.Title StyleGet customer attention with great titles. Clear and precise titles will improve your search results and catch the customer’s attention.Brand & ManufacturerImprove discoverability by entering accurate brand and manufacturer information.ImagesShow customers what they're buying. Professional images on white backgrounds will add selling power to your product.Key Product FeaturesHighlight the key features and benefits of your productsProduct DescriptionsElaborate on the features and uses of your product.Item Package QuantityIndicates how many items are in the package. Use if there is more than one identical unit in the package of the product you are sellinVariation RelationshipsMake choices easy: Display multiple size and color options on a single detail page. Multiple variations on a detail page can increase conversio by surfacing options that may be hard to find if listed separateBrowse & SearchImprove discoverability, traffic, and sales through item-type-keywords and search terms.


UPCs are a required field for all Automotive & Powersports products. UPC’s are provided by manufacturers as single identifiers for specific products across the marketplace. UPC’s create a better store experience for our customers by ensuring that offers for identical products are correctly grouped together. If no UPC is provided, products that are dissimilar might be incorrectly grouped together. If you don't provide a UPC when one is available, your offer on that item might be removed from the site. However, products for which the manufacturer does not provide a UPC may be eligible for a UPC Exemption.

Item-Type Keyword

Item-Type keywords serve as identifiers that place your product correctly in the Browse Tree. Selecting the right Item-Type Keyword ensures that customers can find your product via search and browse. Use the Browse Tree guide to select the category in which your product fits, then select the most appropriate Item-Type Keyword from the list. Be as specific as possible - this will ensure the best results for your product.

Item-Type Keyword is a required field and use is monitored by Amazon. Assigning an incorrect Item-Type Keyword to your product will likely result in a negative customer experience: no one wants to search for a muffler and end up with search results full of motor oil.

A list of all valid Item-Type Keywords for Automotive & Powersports can be found in the Browse Tree Guide. You cannot create new Item-Type Keywords so please pick the closest match if an exact match is not available. You can also assign an Item-Type Keyword to your product using the Product Classifier available in Seller Central.

Title Style

Titles must be accurate and consistent. A concise and relevant title will drive traffic to your product. Always check titles for consistent format and accuracy. To ensure that your title creates a good first impression, follow the guidelines below.

How to Create a Title

DoDo Not0 Capitalize the first letter of each word (see exceptions under Do Not) Use numerals (“2” instead of “two”) 0 If a bundled product, state value in parenthesis as (pack of X) Keep it short, but include critical information Spell out units of common measurement (inches, feet, etc.) Measurement comprising a number and a unit of measure are hyphenated before the noun, like this: 20-by-27-inch 50 characters maximum Note: Please include only standard text Type 1 High ASCII characters (®, ©, ®, ‘c’.) or other special characters are not supported0 Do not include year/make/model on fitment-specific products Do not use ALL CAPS or end the sentence with a period Do not use your company or seller name for Brand or Manufacturer information, unless your product is Private Label Do not capitalize: - Conjunctions (and, or, for) - Articles (the, a, an) - Prepositions with fewer than five letters (in, on, over, with, etc.) Do not use quotation marks or apostrophes for units of measure, such as “ (inches) or ‘(feet) Do not include price or quantity Do not include your company information Do not include promotional messages such as

"sale" or "free ship" (use the Promotion Manager tool to include messaging) - Do not include symbols in your listings (such as ! * $ ? ® ™ ~) - Do not include subjective commentary such as ‘Hot Item’ or ‘Best Seller’

Core Elements of Automotive Product Titles:

Regular Parts & Accessories: [Brand]+[Model #, if applicable]+[Product Package Title*/Multiple Product Package Titles for Combo packs]+[Item Package Quantity for Multi-packs]

∗ “Product Package Title” is what the item is according to how it is identified on the package (i.e. floor

mat, steering wheel cover, battery charger).

Items with Variations:

Parent - [Brand] + [Model] + [Product Package Title]

Child - [Brand] + [Model] + [Product Package Title] + [Variation Size] + [Variation Color]

Crash Parts/Replacement Parts: [Brand]+ [Part Number] + [Make*] + [Model**] + [Style] + [Style] + [Part [Part] [Color]+[Heated(ifapplicabletoproducttype)]+[Manual]−OR−[Power]+[Replacement]+[Folding] (if applicable to product type)] + [Position (Driver or Passenger)] + [Product Package Title]

*Only use if all fitments are for the same Make

**Only use if all fitments are for the same Make and Model


  1. DO NOT include Year/Make/Model on fitment-specific products, except for those Crash Parts and Replacement Parts that fit only one Make or only one Make/Model combination. Do not include Year even for these Crash Parts and Replacement Parts that fit only one Make or only one Make/Model combination.
  1. If your product has variations (size, color, etc.), please see the Variation Relationships Help page for more information.
  1. If you include your company information or sale messaging in your product titles, your account will be at risk of being suspended.

Examples of Good Titles:

Ed Hardy Love Kills Slowly Floor Mats & Steering Wheel Cover 3-pc Set No customer reviews yet. Be the first.

Price: $39.99

In Stock. Ships from and sold by Brand: Ed Hardy Model #: N/A Product Package Title: Love Kills Slowly Floor Mats & Steering Wheel Cover Item Package Quantity: 3-pc Set

K&N HP-1015 Oil Filter Brand: K&N 会会会会会 ⊠ (1 customer review) Model #: HP-1015 List Price: $15.17 Product Package Title: Oil Filter

Price: $10.85 &eligible for free shipping with Amazon Prime You Save: $4.32 (28%)

In Stock.

Ships from and sold by

Want it delivered Friday, June 19? Order it in the next 4 hours and 7 minutes,

Bell CO416 Deluxe Visor Sun Guard

Other products by Bell Brand: Bell

合会会合合 ⊠ (3 customer reviews) Model #: CO416

Product Line: Deluxe Visor Sun

Price: $5.68 &eligible for free shipping with Ama Guard In Stock.

Ships from and sold by

2 new from $2.58

CIPA 27354 Buick/Oldsmobile/Pontiac OE Style Power Replacement Driver Side Mirror Other products by Cipa No customer reviews yet. Be the first. List Price: $140.08

Price: $99.99 You Save: $49.99(33%) In stock. Processing takes an additional 3 to 4 days for orders from this seller. Ships from and sold by Midway.

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2 new from $86.40

Brand: CIPA Make Sure It Fits Model #: 27354

Select Your Vehicle... Make: Buick/Oldsmobile/Pontiac ( Go ) Or, create another vehicle Style: OE Style

Position: Driver

Product Line: Side Mirror

Examples of Bad Titles:

  • Do not include year/make/model for fitment-specific products
  • Title is longer than 50 characters

TYC Cabin Air Filter for ACURA MDX (2007-2008), RL (2005-2008), TL (2004-2008) HONDA Accord (2003-2007), CRV (2007-2008), Civic Sedan/Hybrid Japan Built (2006-2008). Odyssey (2005-2008). Ridgeline (2006-2008) A8047P

会在各方向 𝑄 上的完整 𝑚 的 𝑛 维函数(1) 1.114.70166.12

𝑠vice : $11.99 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Details You Save: $8.93 (43%)

In Stock.

Sold by EnsshCalsinAir and Eulfilled Ice Amazon.

  • Titles is longer than 50 characters
  • Do not use ALL CAPS
  • Do not use special characters

HELLO KITTY - Cat Feline - Car, Truck, Notebook, Vinyl Decal Sticker #1093 | Vinyl Color: Pink

Other products by NS-FX

No customer reviews yet. Be the first.

Price: $1,49

Special Offers Available

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8 new from $0.01

Brand & Manufacturer

Brand information allows the customer to determine the model and brand of the product they may purchase. These fields improve the accuracy of your data listings and help customers discover your products. Typically, Brand is the best identifier for a product, but occasionally Manufacturer is used. We request that you fill out both fields.

What is a Brand?What is a Manufacturer?A unique and identifiable symbol, association, name or trademark which serves to differentiate competing products or services A name used to distinguish one product from its competitors; it can apply to a single product, ar entire Product Package Title, or even a company A name or symbol used to identify a seller's goods or services, and to differentiate them from those of competitors Example: Monroe- A business engaged in manufacturing a product - Someone who manufactures something Example: Tenneco Inc. (Tenneco manufactures Monroe branded suspension products in addition to other brands)

Note: DO NOT use your company name for Brand or Manufacturer information, unless your product is Private Label.

Key Product Features

The Key Product Features bullets on the detail page tell the customer about the details of your product and can drive the customer purchase decision.

DoDo Not0Highlight the five key features you want customers to consider in terms of feature/benefit, such as materials, dimensions, ideal conditions for the product, skill level, contents, country of origin, etc. Maintain a consistent order across all your products. If your first bullet for product 1 is materials, bullet 1 for each other product should be the same. Reiterate important information from the title and description. Begin each bullet point with a capital letter - Include warranty information if applicable - Write short, clear sentences0 Do not include year/make/model on fitment- specific products. (That information is contained in the Part Finder tool.) Do not include your contact information , such as “Call 1-800-XXX-XXXX” Do not exceed 200 characters per bullet point Do not include promotional and pricing information Do not include shipping or company information. Amazon policy prohibits including merchant, company, or shipping information Do not include ending punctuation Do not include irrelevant information. The bullet points help customers evaluate a product, so any non-product-specific information can decrease your chances of a sale Do not compare against competitive products

Elements of Regular Featured BulletsFeatured Bullets Example:FeaturesFits most bucket seatsMaterialsMade of waterproof wetsuit fabricPlace of OriginMade in USAWarranty Information1-year warranty with proof of purchaseDimensions and Weight30 by 20 inches, 12.5 lbsCare instructionsEasy care; machine washableOtherProtects and stylizes your interior

Elements of Crash/Replacement Featured BulletsFeatured Bullets Example:Direct Fit, OE ReplacementOE replacement mirrorCountry of OriginMade in ChinaOEM Part#OE #21112690Glass type (flat vs. convex)Flat glass mirrorManufacturer warranty information1-year limited warranty

Customers use this section to get a snapshot of the product. They may use this section to finalize a purchase decision or it may interest them enough so they will then read the full product description.

To improve readability:

  • Write all numbers as numerals
  • Separate phrases in one bullet with semicolons
  • Spell out measurements such as quart, inch, feet, and soon

Do Not:

  • Do not use hyphens, symbols, periods, or exclamation points
  • NOTE: DO use hyphens if you are describing a measurement, like 3/8-inch by 50-foot
  • Do not write vague statements; be as specific as possible with product features and attributes
  • Do not enter company-specific information; this section is for product features only

Examples of Good Feature Bullets:

Product Features

  • Special wax-treated cotton fiber strands lift dust without scratching paint
  • Includes 2 clay bars, Showtime Instant Detailer, Microfiber towel
  • Steel reinforced frame for durability
  • Safe to use on paint
  • Regular use provides a long lasting benefit to your vehicle

Product Features

  • Absorbs up to 2 gallons of hazardous or non-hazardous liquids
  • Leak-resistant rubber backing keeps undersurface clean
  • Works under cars, trucks, motorcycles, golf carts, and more
  • Can be cut with scissors or utility knife into any size and will notfray
  • Measures 35-by-84 inches long

Examples of Bad Feature Bullets:

  • Do not include promotion/sale information

Product Features-

  • - orange
  • For your car**
  • anyone will love this product!
  • Hot Low Price!!!
  • Best place to buy
  • Only capitalize the first letter of each sentence
  • Do not include information that does not describe the product
  • Do not use special characters like *

Product Features

  • Brand New in Box, aftermarket replacement part.

These are excellent quality aftermarket parts offered are fraction of OEM cost.

  • Fit & Quality Guaranteed.

110% Lowest Price Guarantee.

INTHIS PART FITS THE FOLLOWING VEHICLES: 92-96 TOYOTA CAMRY, Outer Only capitalize the first letter of each sentence

  • Call 1-800-XXX-XXXX for fitment information - Do not include year/make/model information
  • Do not end the line with punctuation
  • Do not use all-caps
  • Do not include pricing or promotional language
  • Do not include contact information

Product Descriptions

Include some key features listed in your bullet points. However, this is your opportunity to go beyond a simple to-the-point description. Product descriptions must be well written and concise. Incorporating information about the feel, usage and benefits of your product can fire the customer's imagination. This is as close as you can come to creating an in-store experience. NOTE: Product descriptions are limited to 2000 characters.

DoDo Not1 Describe the major product features and list product information including size, used-for and style - Keep it short, but include critical information Include accurate dimensions, care instructions and warranty information - Use correct grammar and complete sentences Spell out common units of measurements (inches, feet, etc.) Use by instead of 𝑥 when describing measurements, such as “113 by 2 inches” Be sure to spell-check before you submitDo not include year/make/model on fitment- specific products Do not include your company name, e-mail address, website, or any company-specific information Do not include links to external sites Do not write about anything but the product for sale; this is your opportunity to tell the customer what they are buying Do not include promotional language such as "sale" or "free ship" (use the Manage Promotions tool) Do not include extra spaces, HTML code, or symbols (® TM ©, etc.) Do not use “ (inches) or ‘ (feet); spell these out

Examples of Good Product Descriptions:

Product Description

The Auto Expressions Tree Frogs Bucket Seat cover features innovative fabric and design for both fashion and fit. This seat cover updates the appearance of old or dirty seats and protects against splits, stains, fading, dirt, and pet hairs. Made from strong, sturdy fabrics, the unique design features the "Superfit" flap for a snugger, wrinkle-free fit. The seat cover is easy to install and fits most bucket seats. Each package contains one bucket seat cover.

Product Description

Mothers High Performance Car Care Accessories are a complete line featuring unique microfiber products, lightweight, ergonomic brushes and finishing products. The brushes feature non-slip comfort grips, lightweight ergonomic designs, and protective rubber bumpers. "It's all in the details" Getting the body clean and shiny is one thing, but you don't want to overlook the details. Perfect for trim, emblems and more, the unique rubber seam-cleaning tip and extra-soft scratch- free bristles of the Mothers Detail Brushes will help one hit every nook and cranny. Mothers High Performance brushes are the choice for enthusiasts everywhere.

Product Description

Air Lift adjustable air helper springs level your load, and give your truck, van, or SUV a safer, more comfortable ride. Air springs are easy to install between your existing springs and the vehicle frame. Just add air when towing or hauling a heavy load, and reduce air pressure when unloaded; they are fully adjustable for a great ride. Air Lift air springs eliminate sag, sway, and bottoming out. They are made with rugged, durable components for long, reliable service. Bad:

SILKOLENE OIL ATV 10W40 GALLON 65136101055 - Not descriptive

  • Do not use all-caps
  • Doesn't provide a compelling reason to purchase the product

Product Description

"Brand New" Coolant Bottle for 92 93 94 95 96 Toyota Camry 4 Cylinder or 6 cylinder model. Thank you for shopping with us, we appreciated your business!

Product Description

CIPA original style replacement mirror Replaces OE #10113834

If you cannot find your mirror, click here for complete application data

Usually ships in 3-5 business days - Do not include links to external sites - Do not include HTML code (bold, colored fonts, etc.)

  • Check spelling
  • Do not include shipping information

UPC and IPQ for multi-packs

For most products listed on Amazon, a multi-pack listing is only allowed for a manufacturer-created pack with its own unique UPC. You must enter an Item Package Quantity (IPQ) for these products.


There are different UPCs for a single unit and a pack with multiples of that unit. If you create a multi-pack that is not sold by the manufacturer, verify if an ASIN for the multi-pack already exists. If it does exist, match to it accordingly. If the ASIN for the multi-pack doesn't already exist, you must create a new ASIN using its own unique UPC. The examples below illustrate the importance of UPC and IPQ for multi-packs. Non-manufacturer-created multi-pack ASINs cannot be listed as variations of a manufacturer-created multi-pack ASIN. You must either match to an identical multi-pack product detail page or create a new ASIN with a unique UPC.

Title (manufacturer-created pack)UPCIPQPriceSame product detail pageProduct X (Pack of 2)0001234567892$38Product X0001234567881$19Title (non-manufacturer-created pack)New product detail pageProduct X (Pack of 6)0001234567906$114

Title (manufacturer-created pack)UPCIPQPriceSame product detail pageBrand Y Beverage, 12 Pack00012345678912$35Brand Y Beverage, 1 bottle0001234567881$4Title (non-manufacturer-created pack)

CATEGORY STYLE GUIDE: Automotive & Powersports

Title (manufacturer-created pack)UPCIPQPriceNew product detail pageBrand Y Beverage, 48 Pack00012345679048$130

Title (manufacturer-created pack)UPCIPQPriceSame product detail pageBrand Y Dinner Plates, Set of Four0001234567894$20Brand Y Dinner Plate0001234567881$6Title (non-manufacturer-created pack)New product detail pageBrand Y Dinner Plate, Set of 1600012345679016$68

*Each case pack MUST have its own UPC. If the UPC is the same for a single item and a case pack, the IPQ should be the same as the number of units. (Example: 1 case of 10 safety kits).

Make sure you enter the correct IPQ in your listing data so your product will attach to the correct detail page.

Note: Most manufacturers create UPCs for the lowest selling scanable unit.

How to Set Up IPQ for a Product

Text-file Feed Template

Inventory File Template



Once you have located the IPQ field with the template, you will enter the IPQ value as shown below.

Title (manufacturer-created pack)UPCIPQPriceSame product detail pageProduct X (Pack of 2)0001234567892$38Product X0001234567881$19


Images display on the product search page and the product detail page. A professional image helps customers discover your product and can drive traffic to your detail page. Show customers what they will receive in their shipment (and only what they will receive). Make it easy for them to identify your product with a clear, high-quality image displaying exactly what you're offering.

Do (Required)Product image backgrounds should be pure white Product images should be at least 300-dpi 1,000-dpi images are preferred by a single state. Product images should be in color, not black & white Show the entire product; It should occupy at least 80 percent of the image area Include only what the customer will be receiving: Accessories that are notpart of the product cannot be shown.Don't (Prohibited)Do not include borders, watermarks, text, or other decorations like a company logo Do not use sketches / drawings of the product - real images only Do not use colored backgrounds or lifestyle pictures. Do not show other products Image place holders (i.e. “temporary images” or “no image available”); Amazon has a default placeholder image if you do not have an image for your product. If you do not have an image DO NOT load a placeholder Image containing graphs of product ratings Do not show a picture with multiple colors of your product; only the product color you are offering should be displayed in the image Do not include promotional text such as "sale" or "free ship" (use the Manage Promotions tool) Do not include website information, phone numbers, or other contact information

Note: Zoom Functionality

When you submit an image of at least 1,000 dpi, customers can zoom in on your product image on the detail page. This provides a detailed look at your product and may reduce returns and negative feedback.

Examples of Good Images

Note: Be sure to provide the correct image for each child product when using variation relationships (discussed below). If the product varies by color, provide the image of the product (in the designated color) for each child product as the Main Image.

Variation Relationships

Variations allow customers to choose the desired color and size of your product from a single detail page. You create variations using parent-child product relationships. Variations provide a cleaner customer buying experience by surfacing options that may be hard to find if listed separately.

The parent product is the initial image displayed on search result pages. The child products are the products that are related to each parent and display when the variation is selected by the buyer. The relationship of parent to child is the variation theme: Size, Color, or Size-Color.

There are three Components to a Parent/Child relationship:

  • Parent product: Non-buyable products when a variation has been created, such as Suede Driving Shoe
  • Child products: Buyable products related to parent product by size and/or color, such as Suede Driving Shoe, Size 40, Black

Variation theme: Defines how the product differs from each other, such as size-color.

When to Use Variation Relationships

Variations should be used in Automotive & Powersports to minimize the number of similar items listed separately. By using variations, sellers can increase conversion and sales rates and improve the customer experience. Use variations if you are listing items like apparel, protective gear, floor mats, steering wheel covers, or other items that come in different sizes and/or colors.

Use Single Variations......if the product is one-size-fits-all, but with a variety of colors

Troy Lee Designs Polka Dot Men's Beanie Casual Wear Hat - Color: Red, Size: OneUse Size - OR - Color Variations.....if the product is available in a variety of colors ...if the product is available in different sizes …for product that varies by size or color ONLY, use size or color variantAutoSock Standard X30 Winter Traction Aid, For Passenger Tires Other products by AutoSock

Price: $69.00 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. Details You Save: $10.00 (13%)

Use Double Variations (Size-Color)......if an identical product comes in a variety of sizes and colors ...if you are selling the same products another seller varies by size and color, such as seat covers or protective gear

Men’s Ferrari Challenge Stradale T-Shirt Then Select Color Nam Price: $55.02 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. Details In Stock, Sold by Ferrari and Fulfilled by Amazon Wantitdelivered Wednesday, December 23? Order it in the next 23 hours and 54 min checkout. Details Ordering for Christmas? To ensure delivery by December 24, choose Standard Shipping shipping.DO NOT use variations......if the product has no different sizes or colors …if the product is slightly different based on year, model number, quantity, or brand …if the product is an accessory or from a collection

When creating variations, you must provide information in these required fields:


  • Parentage (identify for that SKU, either "parent" or "child")
  • Parent SKU (for child SKUs only, enter the parent SKU for that child)
  • Relationship Type (enter "variation" if the product is part of a variation set)
  • Colormap* - if appropriate
  • Sizemap* - if appropriate
  • Variation Theme (Size, Color, Size-Color)

*You will find valid mapping values in the text-file template.

Note: If you enter the Relationship Type and fail to enter the color or size, you might receive an error when uploading your data or your product might not display properly on the website. Make sure you have entered all required variation fields for your products. If you fail to enter any of the required fields, your products could be suppressed from the website. If you have questions, please contact technical support.

RequiredFully describe each child product, so they will be included in browse and search results; treat each child like a normal offer, with feature bullets an a product description Add the size and color to the child product title Use SKUs to build relationships using field for SKU and ParentSKU List the Child offers under the Parent SKU in the flat-file or XMLProhibitedDo not include price and quantity values for parent products The parent title should not include size or color Do not link any products that are not a variation of size or color to the parent product

How to Set Up Product Variations

To properly set up your variation theme and product relationships, please see “Creating Variations with a Flat File" in Seller Central: XML Help

Seller Central Help: XML Automation & Integration: Tasks & Tools: Product-Related Feeds:

Relationships Feed: Relationships Feed Overview XML Sample Feed

Seller Central Help: Download Templates and Guides: Sample XML Feeds

Collision Parts

For all listings for collision parts, you will be required to provide either the product’s UPC or Partslink number. You will not be able to upload a new collision part or make changes to an existing collision part listing without the product’s UPC or Partslink number. (See Appendix A for the list of collision parts)

Partslink is a universal parts numbering system for the identification of aftermarket collision replacement parts. If you add Partslink numbers to your ASINs, they will map to fitment data in our database, which will result in fitment data being added to your ASINs. As a result, customers will be able to verify if your collision parts fit their vehicle by providing year, make, model and other distinguishing vehicle attributes in Part Finder. Instructions on how to upload/edit Partslink numbers can be found here - Providing and adding Fitment Data. Learn more about the Partslink numbering system at the following website: _

All collision parts of a particular type (for example, side mirrors) that have a Partslink number but do not have a UPC will be listed on a common product offer page. However, there will be a unique offer page created for a product with a UPC.

For certain exterior collision parts, you will be required to provide the body-part-exterior-finish, color and the colormap attributes. (See Appendix B for the list of exterior collision parts.)

Remanufactured Parts

Remanufactured items should have their own UPC and be listed on a separate page from new versions of the same product. All refurbished Automotive & Powersports products must be warranted by the manufacturer or remanufacturer. You must disclose the warranty type for each refurbished product you list, indicating whether it is a manufacturer's warranty or your own warranty.

Product detail pages for remanufactured items must always include "Remanufactured" in the Title and Product Description. The product description should include information explaining the meaning of the terms in the product title.

The following product page illustrates title and description requirements for Remanufactured Parts:

Four Seasons 57341 Remanufactured AC Compressor

by Four Seasons Qty: 1 -

Be the first to review this item II Yes, I want FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime

List Price: $244.66

Price: $176.60 & FREE Shipping. Details Add to Cart

Only 2 left in stock (more on the way).

Want it Friday, Dec. 20? Order within 2 hrs 36 mins and choose Two-Day Shipping at checkout. Details

Ordering for Christmas? To ensure delivery by December 24 choose FREE Shipping at checkout Extended holiday returns until Jan. Add to Wish List

  1. Read more about shipping and returns.
  • Reman 10Pa15C Compressor Without Clutch
  • Our products are engineered and tested to provide years of trouble free operation. Backed by over 50 years of mobile a/c More buying choices experience, fix it once and fix it right with Four Seasons.
  • Contains gaskets, o-rings, or seals to properly replace the product
  • Passes all comprehensive testing which includes vacuum decay, pressure decay, noise and performance $160.41 + $11.93 shipping
See more product details

Product Bundles

A bundle is a set of complementary products. All bundles must follow the Bundle Guidelines and are subject to review for accuracy and relevance, and may be removed without notice. Limiting the number of bundles helps customers find specific bundles more easily by preventing duplicate or near-duplicate listings.

All Automotive & Powersports bundles must follow these guidelines:

  • Bundle must have its own unique identifiers (such as UPC and Manufacturer Part Number). For example, the UPC of any individual product in the bundle may not serve as the UPC for the bundle. You are responsible for obtaining a new UPC for each bundle you create.
  • Bundle must contain items, which are highly complementary.
  • Bundle must provide a value to the customer, as compared to the individualitems.
  • Bundle cannot contain any separate warranty products or extended service plans.

Dos and Don'ts for Product Bundles:

Do (Required)Do make sure your bundle complies with all the Product Listing Policies. Do use your own brand as the bundle brand if you have created a custom collection of items. Do list the first feature bullet as "Bundle of" number of items and include identification of the items in the bundle. Do state in the description that the product is a bundle and identify the specif items included in the bundle (with appropriate designators such as model number, color, and size). Do upload a main product image for the bundle that includes all of the exac items in the bundle, and only the items in the bundle. Images of representative products are not permitted.Don't (Prohibited)Don’t use the manufacturer name of a bundle component as the bundle’s brand unless that manufacturer has created the collection of items Don’t modify the components of the bundle. If you want to add or removeiter from the bundle, you must remove the listing and create a new bundle listing with a unique UPC. Don’t create a bundle for a multi-pack of the same product. Use the options for displaying items with different package quantities. Example: A 3-pack of air fresheners is a multi-pack, not a bundle.

Core Charges

Core exchanges and core charge refund transactions are not currently supported on Amazon.

Accordingly, your listings should not include any reference to core charges or core charge refunds.

Browse & Search

Customers find products on using two primary search methods: using the Browse option, or using Search Terms. Most often customers use a combination of browse and search. Make sure customers can find your products by providing Search Terms and Item-Type Keywords for Browse.

Classification: Browse

To help customers find products easily, Amazon developed a detailed product hierarchy or browse-tree structure. Customers can refine by category and subcategory until they reach the most specific product type. If your items are not in the deepest possible browse node (the most specific), they will be much more difficult for customers to find. (Sometimes, a browse node may not yet exist for your specific product type. In that case, classify the item to the deepest node that makes sense.)

Amazon uses your Item - Type Keywords to classify your products under the correct browse nodes. In order for your products to continue to appear when customers refine their category options, they must be classified correctly to the deepest level.

A list of all valid Item-Type Keywords for Automotive & Powersports can be found in the Browse Tree Guide. You can also assign an Item Type to your product using the Product Classifier available in Seller Central.

Examples of the Browse Tree Category Structure

Department Department

< Automotive < Automotive

< Paint, Body & Trim < Performance Parts & Accessories

< Body < Brake System

Bumpers ABS

The attributes below are used for browse classification:

AttributeDefinitionExample**Item TypeEnables customers to find your products as they browse to the most specific item types. This is the most important value, and determines browse category structure.Select an item type value from the ICG, such as automotive- backup- alarms, automotive-oil- filters, or automotive-glass- cleaners.ColorThe color of the product. If color is included then colormap is required.Select from the Valid values tab of the Flat.File.AutoAccessory.xls file found in Seller Central. Example: EggplantColormapThe standard color that corresponds to the color of the product (e.g. for the color “Eggplant” the colormap would be “purple”. Colormap 𝑀𝑈𝑆𝑇 be a valid value.Select a value from the Valid Values tab of the Flat.File.AutoAccessory.xls file found in Seller Central. Example: purpleclothing-typeThe apparel category that best describes the class of product.Select a value from the Valid Values tab of the Flat.File.AutoAccessory.xls file found in Seller Central. Example: ShirtdepartmentThe department of clothing (mens, womens, etc.) in which the product is found.Select a value from the Valid Values tab of the Flat.File.AutoAccessory.xls file found in Seller Central.

AttributeDefinitionExampleExample: unisex-adultstyle-keywordA word or phrase the best describes the product. This will help locate the product when customers perform searches on our site.Select a value from the Valid Values tab of the Flat.File.AutoAccessory.xls file found in Seller Central. Example: insulatedmodel-nameThe model name for the product.Example: 8100UsedForFurther clarifies how and what the item can be used for, such as seasons or events.Select other-item attribute values from the ICG, such as “sport- utility-vehicles” or “hot-rod- vehicles”

** ItemType is the most important attribute for getting customer’s to your product and in the most granular browse node.

Note: ’ The Item Type must have the same exact spelling and formatting as listed in the ICG. II Make sure all of your products have Item-Type Keywords for the most specific subcategory possible.

CATEGORY STYLE GUIDE: Automotive & Powersports

Classification: Search

Amazon automatically gives you default search terms: Anything in the standard-product-id (eg. UPC/EAN), product-title, brand, manufacturer, and manufacturer-part-number are already indexed as a search term.

In addition, you can add five optional search terms to your products through separate entries for the five "search terms" fields. Each field can contain up to 50 characters, separated by spaces. (For example, the word seatcover is a different search term than seat cover.)

Search terms help customers find your products. Your product titles and company name are already searchable, so think about other words that describe your product. Think like Amazon customers when choosing your terms; use words they might enter into the search bar, including synonyms.

Example: Ed Hardy "Love Kills" Bucket Seatcover Default search Other Possible Search Terms:

  • universal fit
  • designer accessories
  • edhardy
  • luv kills

Guidelines for Listing Your Search Terms

  • Do NOT use competitive brands as search terms, i.e. Magnaflow as a keyword for a

Flowmaster product. Doing can create a negative customer experience

  • Each product can have up to five search lines of 50 characters per field; that's 250 characters available for your search terms
  • The words you choose are the terms our search engine pulls from when customers search the site
  • The individual words of the title, merchant, and brand are also automatically included as search terms and do not need to be repeated in your search terms
  • Search will make use of any title words in combination with keywords to find products. For example, if your keyword is "Ford" and "radiator" is in the title of the product, a search for Ford Radiator will find Ford radiators.

Text-file feed


If you are using an inventory text file, the template fields for search terms are titled SearchTerms1, SearchTerms2, and so on. For more details about how to create effective search terms, see Using Search & Browse.

Add a Product in Seller Central

Search Terms: (Provide specific search terms to help customers find your product.)fill this space with your search termsyou should fill up all 5 lines with wordsyou don’t need to repeat your title wordscustomers search these words to find your productsword space word space word spaceExample: Dark Chocolate, Apples, Cookies

Appendix A - Collision Part Item Type

#Collision Parts Item Type#Collision Parts Item Type1automotive-air-bag-modules36automotive-inside-rear-view- mirrors2automotive-air-dams37automotive-interior-door-handles3automotive-auxiliary-lights38Automotive exterior door handles4automotive-backup-lights39Automotive exterior mirrors5automotive-body-fan-shrouds40automotive-parking-lights6automotive-body-kits41automotive-power-door-lock- motor-kits7automotive-body-moldings42automotive-power-door-lock- motors8automotive-body-parts43automotive-power-window- motor-kits9automotive-brake-lights44automotive-power-window- motors10automotive-bumper-moldings45automotive-power-window-relays11automotive-bumpers46automotive-power-window- switches12automotive-clear-lighting-lenses47automotive-quarter-panels13automotive-combo-parking- side- marker-lights48automotive-rocker-panels14automotive-convertible-tops49automotive-roof-panels15automotive-cornering-lights50automotive-seat-belts16automotive-courtesy-lights51automotive-side-marker-lights17automotive-dashboards52automotive-sliding-doors18automotive-daytime-running- light- modules53automotive-sunroof-moldings19automotive-door-handles54automotive-sunroof-motors20automotive-door-moldings55automotive-sunroof-relays21automotive-door-panels56automotive-sunroofs22automotive-door-parts57automotive-tailgates23automotive-doors58automotive-taillights24automotive-exterior-door-handles59automotive-tail-lights25automotive-fender-moldings60automotive-taillight-units26automotive-fender-trim61automotive-turn-signal-lights27automotive-fog-lights62automotive-window-moldings28automotive-grilles63automotive-power-window- regulators29automotive-hatchbacks64automotive-clearance-light- assemblies30automotive-headlight-assemblies65automotive-combo-cornering- side-marker-light-assemblies31automotive-headlight-bulb-retainers66automotive-combo-parking-side- marker-light-assemblies32automotive-headlight-moldings67automotive-side-marker-light- assemblies33automotive-headlights68automotive-combo-turn-signal- side-marker-light-assemblies34automotive-hood-panels69automotive-combo-parking- turn-signal-light-assemblies35automotive-hood-release-cables70automotive-fog-lights

Appendix B - Exterior Collision Part Item Type

#Exterior Collision Parts Item Type1automotive-body-kits2automotive-body-moldings3automotive-body-parts4automotive-bumper-moldings5automotive-bumpers6automotive-convertible-tops7automotive-door-handles8automotive-door-moldings9automotive-door-panels10automotive-doors11automotive-exterior-door-handles12automotive-fender-moldings13automotive-fender-trim14automotive-grilles15automotive-hatchbacks16automotive-hood-panels17automotive-outside-mirrors18automotive-quarter-panels19automotive-rocker-panels20automotive-roof-panels21automotive-sliding-doors22automotive-sunroof-moldings23automotive-sunroofs24automotive-tailgates25automotive-window-moldings

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