Selling on Amazon Category Style Guide: Entertainment Collectibles

July 11, 2024
5 min read

About this document

This style guide is intended to give you the guidance you need to create effective, accurate product detail pages in the Entertainment Collectibles Store.

In addition to using this document, we encourage you to take advantage of the wealth of information available in our Help pages. Click Help in the upper-right corner of any page in your seller account.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Overview

Section 1: Item Type Keyword

Section 2: SKU

Section 3: Product Name (Title Style)

Section 4; Authentication Provided By

Section 5: Condition Rating

Section 6: Condition Provided By

Section 7: Bullet Points (Key Product Features)

Section 8: Product Description

Section 9: Images

Section 10: Browse & Search

Introduction: Overview

Entertainment Collectibles

Whether you're selling autographed photos, musical instruments, or movie posters, accurate data is crucial to improving discoverability and sales. How you present your products will influence the customer purchasing decision when shopping on Providing clear and concise listings in a consistent format will better inform customers and enhance discoverability of your products. This can result in increased traffic to your product listings.

Please carefully review the following information and make the necessary updates to your product listings:

Item Type KeywordSelect the correct Item Type Keyword for your product, as the first step in creating an accurate and searchable product on Amazon.SKUThis is your own unique identifier for the product.Product Name (Title Style)Get customer attention with great titles. Clear and concise titles can improve search results and catch customers' attentionAuthentication Provided ByKnowing who provided the authentication can help build customer confidence in your product.Condition RatingKnowing the condition rating can help build customer confidence in your product.Condition Provided ByKnowing who provided the condition rating can help build customer confidence in your productBrand & ManufacturerImprove discoverability and minimize duplicate information by entering accurate brand and manufacturer information.Key Product FeaturesHighlight the key features and benefits of your product.Product DescriptionElaborate on the features and uses of your productImagesShow customers what they are considering buying. Professional images can enhance the appeal of your product.Browse & SearchImprove discoverability and traffic with search terms and keywords

Required for each new product listing:

  • Item Type Keyword
  • SKU
  • Product Name
  • Authentication Provided By
  • Condition Rating
  • Condition Provided By
  • Image

Section 1: Item Type Keyword

Want to make sure your product ends up in the correct part of the store? Selecting the correct Item Type Keyword helps ensure that customers will be able to find your product using search and browse.

Use the Item Type Keyword Glossary to select the category in which your product fits, then select the most appropriate Item Type Keyword from the list. Be as specific as possible to ensure the best search and browse results for your product.

Item Type Keyword is a required field and incorrect use is monitored by Amazon. Assigning an incorrect Item Type Keyword to your product will likely result in a negative customer experience; no one wants to search for autographed vinyl and end up with search results full of trading cards.

The Item Type Keyword Glossary is in the Valid Values section of the Entertainment Collectibles Inventory File Template.

Section 2: SKU

A SKU is your own unique identifier for a product. Manufacturers assign SKUs to some products (such as complete trading card sets and unopened boxes), but you assign SKUs to most of your products in the Entertainment Collectibles Store. Note that no two items in your inventory can have the same SKU.

Section 3: Product Name (Title Style)

Your product name is the first thing customers read on the detail page. Does your title provide customers with the right information? Will they continue looking at your product listing after reading the title?

Customers will often decide whether to explore your product further based on the information in the product title alone. Keep it objective, and avoid description-save the details for the Product Description section. Amazon uses the words in product titles to determine how products will be displayed in search results. A concise and relevant title can help drive traffic to your product. Always check titles for consistent format and accuracy. Follow the guidelines below to create product titles that make a good first impression.

Tips for creating a great product name

Apply key information in the following word order: Year, Artist Name, Autographed, Film Title/Album Title, Item Type

Example: 1978 Bruce Springsteen Autographed "Darkness on the Edge of Town" Album w/ COA

Do Capitalize the first letter of each word (see exceptions in the Do Not column) - Use numerals (for example, 2 instead of two) - Include artist/actor/musician's name (first name then last) - Include "Autographed," "Original," or "Performance-Used" as they apply - Keep it short (50 characters maximum) but include critical information Note: Use only standard text; high ASCII characters such as ⊗,⊙ ,and TM ,and other special characters are not supportedDo Not - Do not include price and quantity - Do not use ALL CAPS - Do not capitalize the following: - Conjunctions (and, or, for) - Articles (the, a, an) - Prepositions with fewer than five letters (in, on, over, with, and so on) - Do not include your company information - For memorabilia that includes multiple actors or musicians, include the most popular; do not list them all Do not include promotional messages such as "sale" or "free ship" (use Promotion Manager to include messaging) Do not use your seller name for Brand or Manufacturer information, unless your product is Private Label or you are the manufacturer - Do not include symbols such as !, *, $, and ? - Do not include commentary such as "Hot Item" or "Very Rare" Do not include words that could be construed as sexual or suggestive of sexuality, such as "sexy," "hot," and "babe"

Examples of Good Product Names:

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Original Storyboard: Gift Giving, featuring

Ordering for Christmas? Based on the shipping schedule of Animazing Gallery., this item will arrive after December 25.

Need a gift quickly? eGift this item now. (What's this?)

1 collectible from $7,500.00

John Lennon/Paul McCartney Signed Maclen (Music) Ltd 1975 Check (PSA/DNA)



Be the first to review this item | E  Like | (0)

Price: $19,999.00

Only 1 left in stock.

Ships from and sold b 1.5

Need a gift quickly? eGift this item now. (What's this?)

1 collectible from $19,999.00

Juli Redina Signed Gorgeous Busty Young-Uecommon Must See UACC

Be the first to review this j PRICE: $99.99 Includes commentary and is Only 1 left in stock. sexually suggestive

after December 25.

Need a gift quickly? eGift this item now. (What's this?) 1 collectible from $99.99

The Unforgiven Clint Eastwood Signed Autographed 8.5×11 Photograph,Authentic with

COA by Clint Eastwood Be the first to review this item | E 𝐿𝑖𝑘𝑒|(0) Price: $115.95 repetitive: Only 1 left in stock. Ships from and sold by -Signed AND Autographed -Authentic AND Certificate of Authenticity Need a gift quickly? eGift this item now. (What's this?) 1 collectible from $115.95



Be the first to review this item || Like | (0)

Price: $4,999.00 - All caps Only 1 left in stock. - List only the most popular Ships from and sold 𝑡 band members

  • List the band name only once

Need a gift quickly? eGift this item now. (What's this?)

1 collectible from $4,999.00

Section 4: Authentication Provided By

In the Authentication Provided By field enter the name of the company that provided the product authentication, either Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA/DNA) or James Spence Authentication (JSA). If you can provide the authentication yourself (for example, if you got the autograph in person), enter "seller" in this field instead. Inventory uploads will not process successfully if you do not populate this field.

Section 5: Condition Rating

In the Condition Rating field enter the condition provided by the company that rated the item. When a third party is providing the condition rating, use their scale values, such as PSA 10 Gem Mint, BGS 10 Mint, and so on. When the condition rating is not provided by a third party, you provide the accurate condition yourself. Inventory uploads will not process successfully if you do not populate this field.

Correct Example:ConditionNewCondition Provided BySeller

Incorrect Example:

Condition: This poster is in fantastic condition. It has no creases and the edges have not been trimmed. It was signed in silver pen by all of the artists in the band and contains no personalized messages. Poster has been stored in a temperature controlled storage locker so there is no yellowing.

Note: The best place to add information like this is in the Product Description field. First describe the product and then add details like these as secondary information.

Section 6: Condition Provided By

In the Condition Provided By field enter the company that provided the condition rating (PSA/DNA or JSA). If you are providing the condition yourself, enter "seller" in this field. Inventory uploads will not process successfully if you do not populate this field.

Section 7: Bullet Points (Key Product Features)

Customers read the Key Product Features bullet points on the product detail page to get a quick understanding of the product. They might make a purchase decision based on this information alone, or it might interest them enough that they will then read the full product description.

Follow these guidelines for using the bullet points effectively to provide more detail page information about your product and influence purchasing decisions:

  • Highlight the five key features you want customers to consider, such as unique selling points, how the product was obtained, descriptive content, and so on
  • Maintain a consistent order; if your first bullet point for one product is condition, use that same order for all of your products
  • Repeat or expand on important information from the title and description
  • Begin each bullet point with a capital letter
  • Use phrases, not full sentences, and do not use ending punctuation, not even an exclamation point
  • In bullets with multiple phrases, separate phrases with semicolons
  • Write all numbers as numerals (for example, 2 instead of two)
  • Spell out measurements such as inches, feet, and so on
  • Do not include promotional or pricing information
  • Do not include shipping or company information; Amazon policy prohibits including seller,

company, or shipping information in product information

  • Feature bullets help customers evaluate a product, so information that is not specific to the product can distract from a customer's purchase decision

Do Not:

  • Do not guarantee a product, unless you state how it is guaranteed and by whom
  • Do not use hyphens, symbols, periods, or exclamation points
  • Do not use vague statements
  • Do not include commentary, such as "Makes a great gift"
  • Do not enter company-specific information
  • Do not use ALL CAPS (unless for acronyms, such as MLB)


ContentExample: Feature BulletsFeatures8.5" × 11" photo with a hand-signed autograph by Brad PittConditionSlightly worn around the edges, with a small fold in the top-left cornAuthenticated byPhoto authenticated by PSA/DNA and includes a COAConditionGood; guaranteed by sellerAutographedSigned at exclusive signing and features a photo of the actor signingOtherRare print from Ocean's Eleven


Product Features

  • c. 1930 Carole Lombard autographed vintage 5×7 photograph
  • Trimmed on corners & border; signed in fountain pen
  • Unframed
  • Authenticated by seller


Too much commentary. Impossible to tell

Product Features what the item includes from this description.

  • A memorable & special gift!
  • A unique centerpiece for the home or office!
  • Only 100% Authentic Autographs & Manuscripts -Certificate of Authenticity Provided.
  • UACC Registered Dealer, and member of the Manuscript Society!
  • Fast Worldwide shipping!


Product Features

  • Buy 2 or more photos and receive FREE shipping
  • Shipping for individual photos only $2.36
  • Limited edition prints All of these features refer to the seller or promotion, and not the item.
  • Black and white photos are all from original studio negatives

Section 8: Product Description

Consider including key features as bullet points in your product description. Go beyond a simple to-the-point description. Well-written product descriptions help customers imagine the experience of owning your product. Put yourself in your customers' shoes: what would they want to feel, touch, or ask? Incorporating information about the feel, usage, and benefits of your product can fire the customers' imagination. This is as close as you can come to creating an in-store experience. Product Descriptions are limited to 2000 characters.

DoDo Not-Describe the major product features and list product information including size, used-for and styleDo not include your seller name, e-mail address, website URL, or any company-specific information- Keep it short, but include critical information - Include accurate dimensions, care instructions and warranty information - Use correct grammar and complete sentencesDo not write about anything but the product for sale; this is your opportunity to tell the customer what they are considering buying Do not include promotional language such as "sale" or "free ship" (use Manage Promotions instead) Do not use ALL CAPS


Product Description

Featured is an 8×10 Game of Thrones photo of the Dothraki’s Khaleesi (Emilia Clarke) with the horse Khal Drogo gave to her as a wedding present, personally signed by Emilia during her exclusive signing with [seller name]. Photo comes affixed with the [seller name] serial-numbered Hologram and includes [seller name] Certificate of Authenticity featuring picture of Ms. Clarke signing photo.


Product Description

All items are original, authentic autographs, no facsimiles, preprints, or autopens. Each photograph comes with a certificate of authenticity issued by [seller name]. Are proud members of the Universal Autograph Collectors Club. Shipping: We offer safe, fast shipping within a day excluding weekends and holidays. All autographs are shipped in collectors bags with cardboard backing, the same used for magazines and comic books. All packages are clearly marked, "Do not fold or bend."


-Does not describe the product.

Product Description -Seller information is not specific to the product

This item comes with a certificate of authenticity from ABC Collectibles. -Does not describe the product

Section 9: Images

A product’s image displays when the product is returned in search results and on the product detail page. A professional image helps customers discover your product and can drive traffic to your product listings. Show customers what they will receive in their shipment (and only what they will receive). Make it easy for them to identify your product with a clear, high-quality image displaying exactly what you’re offering.

Images must meet the standards in the chart below. Note also that based on images and other product information, we hand-select products to highlight on the home page and in the Entertainment Collectibles pages.

RequiredProduct images must have a white background with a clear image of only the product - Product images should be at least 500 pixels on the longest side; images on 1001 pixels on the longest side can be enlarged and are preferred Product images should be in color, not black & white - Show the entire product; the product should occupy at least 80 percent of the product of the product of the product of the product. image area - Include only what the customer will receive; accessories that are not part of the product should not be shown Close-up of hologram, Certificate of Authenticity, and autograph (if applicable)ProhibitedBorders, watermarks, text, and other decorations Sketches or drawings of the product (use photographs only) - Colored backgrounds or lifestyle pictures - Other products, items, or accessories that are not part of the product listing - Image place holders (such as, "temporary image" or "no image available") - Images containing graphs of product ratings or company logos - Unauthorized images, including images of any musicians or celebrities, except if that image is part of the product (such as for movie posters, airbrushed guitars, and autographed pictures) - Unauthorized use of studio logos or images (such as a band image or director's image) - Pictures with multiple colors of your product; only the product color you are offering should be displayed in the image - Promotional text such as "sale" or "free ship" (use Manage Promotions instead)

Note: Zoom Functionality

When you submit an image of at least 1,001 pixels on the longest side, customers can zoom in on your product image on the detail page. This provides a detailed look at your product and may reduce returns and negative feedback.

Examples of correct images

Additional Requirements:

  1. Products must be recognizable in images and photographed at an angle that helps customers make buying decisions.
  1. If you offer the same item on your own website, the same image must be used on and your own website.
  1. Multiple images for a product (alternative angle, swatch) must adhere to the same image quality and size requirements.

Section 10: Browse and Search

Customers find products on using browse, search, or both. Most customers use a combination of browse and search, so it is important to apply the best possible Search Terms and Item Type Keywords to your products.

Classification - Browse

Customers browse by category and subcategory until they reach the most specific product type for the product they want to buy. Item Type Keywords classify your products into the correct browse categories on the website. Choose the most-specific Item Type Keywords to classify your products where customers are most likely to look for them.

You can see the latest Item Type Keywords by writing to entertainment-collectibles- and requesting the Item Type Glossary. This document provides the valid values for setting up your products correctly in the category browse structure on

The attributes below are used for browse classification.

AttributeDefinitionExamplesItemTypeKeyword**Enables customers to find your products as they browse to the most specific Item Types. This is a very important value and determines browse category structure.Select an Item Type value from the Browse Tree Guide, such as autographed prints, guitars, lobby cards.Other Required AttributesDepending upon the Item Type, additional attributes may be required to create the best search and browse experience for customers. These attributes are listed in the Item Type Glossary.Performance-Used, Condition, Graded by, Authenticated by and Manufacturer.

** ItemTypeKeyword is required and is the most important attribute for helping customers find your product when they are browsing instead of searching.


  • The Item Type must have the same exact spelling and formatting as listed in the Browse Tree Guide.
  • Make sure all of your products have keywords for the most specific subcategory possible.

Search Terms

Search terms help customers find your products. Your product titles and seller name are already searchable, so think about other words that describe your products. Think like Amazon customers when choosing your terms; use words they might enter into the search bar, including synonyms. Make sure they can find your products!

Amazon automatically uses the search terms that are derived from the Condition Rating and Condition Provided By fields, so you don't have to add those as search terms.

For each product you can add up to five search-term lines of 50 characters per line, with individual search terms separated by commas. Any combination of title words and other search terms are fully searchable.

For more information about how to create effective search terms, see Using Search & Browse.

If you are using the text-file template to add your products to the website, add your search terms to the search-terms1 through search-terms5 fields:

Text-file feeds


If you are using Add a Product to add your products to the website, add your search terms in the Search Terms section:

Add a Product in your seller account

Search Terms: (Provide specific search terms to help customers find your product.)fill this space with your search termsyou should fill up all 5 lines with wordsyou don’t need to repeat your title wordscustomers search these words to find your productsword space word space word spaceExample: Dark Chocolate, Apples, Cookies

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