Unlocking Facebook Success in 2023: A Post Strategy & A Tool

May 15, 2024
5 min read

Despite the rise of newer platforms, Facebook remains a vital element in the social media world. No longer the go-to hangout spot for the younger demographic, Facebook has managed to maintain its stance as the most accessed social media platform globally. It's where everyone stays connected with their friends and family, and nobody wants to miss out on any significant milestones announced via a Facebook post.

While younger users may spend more time on TikTok, Facebook remains a critical platform for brands. So, what are the key best practices for Facebook in 2023 for a brand looking to optimize its in-app presence?

Understanding the Facebook Algorithm

Facebook's News Feed algorithm, which aims to enhance user engagement, is primarily driven by three factors:

●The origin of the post

●The time it was posted

●Its potential to drive engagement

Recent reports suggest that Meta, Facebook's parent company, is attempting to reduce divisive political content in user feeds. This is great news for marketers, as it leaves more room for content exposure. The algorithm is also being optimized to provide users with content they 'value,' not just posts that encourage engagement.

Perfecting Your Posting: The Art of Summarizing

Shorter text descriptions generally work better on Facebook, with the optimal length for a Facebook post being between 25 to 50 characters. BuzzSumo analyzed more than 800 million Facebook posts. Based on their findings, posts with less than 50 characters were more engaging than long posts. According to another, more precise study by Jeff Bullas, posts with 80 characters or less receive 66 percent higher engagement. There are a couple of reasons for this:

●Barrier to entry: Posts of more than 80 characters are auto-truncated in the mobile app, which gives you that 'See more' prompt at the end of the initial text. This could reduce click-throughs if your key info is not in the first sentence.

●Barrier to comprehension: the longer a person reads, the harder their brain must work to process information. Content that demands less work to consume and understand will enjoy higher engagement rates.

Wondering how to write a concise and engaging post? Here are a few tips:

●Focus on the customer, not your company

●Include only important information

●Place your key message in the first sentence

●Use clear call-to-action

In terms of formats, videos and image posts typically perform better than text-only posts. As Meta is now more focused on short-form content, marketers should follow suit. Having trouble summarizing your posts? You can ask AI to do it for you.

Harnessing the Power of AI in Copywriting

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn't here to replace your job. Instead, it's here to make you a more productive marketer and copywriter. AI can speed up your content development process and help you overcome writer's block.

However, it's important to note that AI is not a flawless solution. While it can automate workflows and stimulate brainstorming, a human touch is necessary to ensure the copy is appropriate for audiences.

AI tools often fail to prioritize accessibility and brand guidelines, and can sound too robotic. You wouldn't want to sound like everyone else, you would want to be yourself. Is there a solution? Of course, there is!

Solutions like Kua.ai can help. Kua.ai allows you to have your own AI tool that understands your brand voice, buyer persona, industry-specific hashtags, and more suitable expressions. You can have an AI that understands your brand better than you do assisting in perfect and unique social media content writing.

Change is indeed the only constant in life. Currently, the marketing world is experiencing a tremendous shift, with AI marketing taking a more prominent role. The advent of intelligent marketing tools and generative AI has created numerous opportunities for marketing teams to excel at what they already do best.

Facebook may no longer be the 'cool' app, but it's certainly not one to be disregarded. By understanding the platform's algorithm, perfecting your posts, and harnessing the power of AI, your brand can continue to thrive on Facebook in 2023 and beyond.

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