Unlocking the Power of Amazon Posts: Boost Your Brand with Kua.ai's Generative AI Tools

May 15, 2024
5 min read

Amazon Posts were launched in October 2019. It's a highly effective tool; according to Amazon, advertisers, on average, observed around615 viewable impressions for their posts within 14 days of launching.Furthermore, Amazon Posts are free to use. Brands can post as little or as much as they want. Unlike PPC or other types of advertising, there is no associated cost per click. However, this powerful and free tool is still underutilized –the key barrier is the lack of high-quality creative content. Kua.ai's Generative AI products have provided a good solution to this.

What is and why Amazon Post

Posts are a browse and discovery experience on Amazon focused on brand-shopping. A customer who purchases one of your products on Amazon may have no idea that you sell other items they may be interested in. Amazon Posts seek to solve this issue by allowing sellers to post social media content to Amazon.


Amazon Post format and functionality

Posts contain 5 customizable elements:

Visual of Posts customizable elements

A.      Profile banner. Displays the name and logo of the brand.

B.      Custom Image. Brand-provided images demonstrate product features and help brands tell their story on Amazon.

C.      “Show product” icon. Tapping on this link will hide or reveal a product card that shows details like price, star rating, and Prime eligibility for the product featured in the Post.

D.     Caption text. Custom captions help brands highlight product features, emphasize branding, and communicate a call to action.

E.      Category tags. Amazon will auto-tag your Posts with relevant product categories. Tapping on a category tag takes shoppers into a vertical feed of Posts relevant to that category.


Where do Amazon Posts appear?

Amazon makes the call on where your Posts show up, based on relevance and customer engagement. There are four places where your Posts may be displayed:


Brand feed: The brand feed is exactly what it sounds like — it’s your brand’s unique feed, where you can post content about your entire product line.


Product page carousel: A “carousel” is a series of Posts that appear on a product detail page, which customers can scroll horizontally. Carousels appear on your product detail page and may contain your competitors’ Posts as well.


Related brands feed: Clicking on a Post within a product page carousel will bring you to the related brand feed, where customers can discover more of your products, as well as other brands.


Category-based feed: Amazon assigns relevant category tags to individual Posts. That way, customers can explore content for complementary items within a specific category. For example, customers scrolling through the “Wheel & TireAccessories” category feed may see Posts about tire traction pads next to RV covers.


How often should you post?

Amazon recommends posting three to five times per week to keep a consistent, engaging presence. Additionally, to qualify for your posts to appear on your product detail pages in a placement dedicated to your brand’s posts, you will need at least 10 live posts that follow Amazon’s content quality guidelines. 10 high-quality posts are the minimum goal.


Consulting companies and agencies suggest posting several times a day because the more frequently you post, the more people you reach. And you can reuse content from your other social media channels –Facebook, Instagram or any other social media channels to save time on creating posts multiple times a day.


Best practices for an effective Post

There are two critical content elements onPosts: Caption and Image.


Keep Captions Short, Sharp and Sweet

• The caption for a post can be up to 2,200 characters, and since only the first two lines of the caption will be displayed by default, you should keep your captions very concise.

• And since a great creative caption should excite and inspire shoppers to click on your post. The best way to do that is telling a story about why your products are valuable and unique.

• Try using your product’s main keywords (and keywords that you want to rank for) in your caption, but be mindful of their relevance

• You can use emojis to make the caption more appealing when appropriate

• Avoid repeating your product description or using snippets from customer reviews


Images: Show your product and its Value

• Inspire customers to imagine using your product by showing it in a realistic setting or visually attractive backdrop

• Use high-quality and high-resolution images

• Avoid using a plain, white background

• Keep your images simple and avoid using collages or overlaid text, buttons, or icons. The more crowded or complicated your image is, the more likely it’ll be ignored


How Gen AI tools can help?

With all of this said, it's still challenging to maintain the pace of posting several times a week, let alone every day, all while adhering to best practices. The good news is that kua.ai offers the necessary tools to assist you:

Amazon Posts Generators: This tool can generate captions in line with the aforementioned best practices.

ReplaceBackground: It can replace the plain white background with a realistic setting, effectively showcasing the value of your products.

So with Kua.ai, you can make appealingAmazon Posts at a much faster pace and enjoy the free traffic! 

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