What Does Nudge Mean on Tiktok: The Complete Guide to TikTok Slang for 2024

July 4, 2024
5 min read

What Does "Nudge" Mean on TikTok?

On TikTok, a "nudge" is a feature or notification designed to prompt users to take specific actions. These actions might include following a trending topic, engaging with certain content, or interacting with other users. These nudges aim to increase user engagement and keep the app experience dynamic and personalized. For instance, TikTok might send a nudge suggesting you watch a trending video or reminding you to post content if you've been inactive for a while. Similarly, on the popular language study app Duolingo, users can "nudge" their friends to encourage them to study more.

The Evolution of TikTok Slang in 2024

Every day, new slang words emerge from TikTok and quickly become part of our everyday conversations. With one billion active users, TikTok is a vibrant ecosystem of micro-communities, each creating its own unique lingo and reshaping slang as we know it.

Our guide offers a comprehensive overview of the top TikTok slang words used in 2024 and beyond. By the end of this guide, you’ll have the foundational knowledge to navigate the dynamic and captivating world of TikTok. This will not only help you engage more effectively with your audience but also build an authentic connection with them.

Collection of TikTok Slang

We've compiled a list of common TikTok slang terms to help enhance your experience on the platform.

Slang Explanation Sample Sentence
Bae A term of endearment for a significant other. Just chilling with my bae tonight. 🥰
Basic Someone or something mainstream or unoriginal. Pumpkin spice lattes are so basic. ☕️
Bet An agreement or confirmation, often used to accept a challenge. Bet you can't do this dance! 🕺
Bomb Something really good or impressive. This new song is the bomb! 🎶
Boomer A term for someone out of touch with modern trends, often older. Okay, Boomer. 🙄
Boujee Luxurious or fancy. Feeling so boujee in my new outfit! 👗
Broke Without money. Just bought concert tickets, now I'm broke. 💸
Cap A lie or false statement. No cap, this filter is hilarious. 😂
CEO of... Being really good at something or embodying something fully. I'm the CEO of procrastination. 😅
Cheugy Outdated or trying too hard to be trendy. Ugg boots are so cheugy. 🥴
Chill To relax or hang out. Let's just chill and watch TikToks. 😌
Clapback A quick, sharp, and witty response to criticism. Her clapback was savage! 🔥
Clout Influence or popularity, especially on social media. Trying to get that clout with my new video. 📈
Cringe Something embarrassing or awkward. This old video of me is so cringe. 😬
Dank High-quality or cool, often used to describe memes. This meme is so dank. 😂
DM Direct Message on social media. Slide into my DMs if you want to collab. 📩
Dope Something cool or impressive. This dance move is dope. 💯
Drag To criticize or insult someone harshly. Don't drag me into your drama. 🥱
Drip Stylish or fashionable, often referring to clothing. Check out my drip today. 💧
Epic Something impressive or grand. That prank was epic! 😂
Extra Over the top or excessive. You're being so extra right now. 🙄
Fam Family or close friends. Hanging out with the fam tonight. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Finesse To do something skillfully and smoothly. Watch me finesse this trick. 🏄
Fire Something really good or cool. This beat is fire! 🔥
Flex To show off or boast about something. Weird flex but okay. 💪
FOMO Fear of Missing Out, anxiety that others are having fun without you. I have major FOMO missing that party. 😢
FYP For You Page, the main discovery page on TikTok. Hope this video makes it to the FYP! 🤞
Glow Up A transformation to a better version, often physical. Check out my glow up transformation. 🌟
GOAT Greatest of All Time. He's the GOAT of basketball. 🏀
Gucci Good or cool. Everything's Gucci with me. 😎
Highkey Openly or obviously. Highkey obsessed with this filter. 🤩
Hundo P 100% sure or certain. I'm hundo P sure I aced that test. 💯
Hype Excitement or enthusiasm. Let's get hyped for the weekend! 🎉
Hyped Extremely excited. I'm so hyped for this concert! 🎤
IYKYK If You Know, You Know, referring to an inside joke or reference. The secret menu at this place is bomb, IYKYK. 🤫
Jelly Jealous. I'm so jelly of your vacation. 🏖️
JOMO Joy of Missing Out, feeling happy about staying in. Staying in tonight and feeling JOMO. 😌
Karen A term for an entitled, demanding woman. Don't be such a Karen. 🙄
Lit Fun, exciting, or excellent. This party is lit! 🎉
Lowkey Subtly or secretly. Lowkey love this song. 🎵
Main Character Feeling like the star of the moment or situation. Feeling like the main character today. 🎥
Mood A relatable feeling or vibe. Current mood: Lazy Sundays. 😴
No Cap No lie, being truthful. This food is the best, no cap. 🍕
Noob A beginner or someone inexperienced. I'm such a noob at this game. 🎮
OOTD Outfit of the Day. Here's my OOTD! 👗
Plug Someone who supplies something, often illicitly. I need a plug for concert tickets. 🎫
POV Point of View, often used in video storytelling. POV: You're on a rollercoaster. 🎢
Receipts Evidence or proof, often in the form of screenshots. I have all the receipts to prove it. 📜
Rn Right now. What are you doing rn? 📱
Salty Bitter or upset. Why you gotta be so salty? 😒
Savage Bold, fierce, or harsh. That comeback was savage. 😈
Shade Disrespect or criticism. Throwing shade at my ex. 🌚
Shook Shocked or surprised. I'm shook by that news. 😱
Ship Rooting for a relationship. I totally ship them together. 💕
Simp Someone who does too much for someone they like. Don't be such a simp. 🙄
Sksksk Expression of excitement or awkwardness, popularized by VSCO girls. Spilled my drink, sksksk. 🥤
Slay To do something exceptionally well. You slayed that performance! 👏
Squad A group of friends. Rolling with my squad tonight. 👯
Stan A very enthusiastic fan. I stan this new artist. 🎤
Sus Suspicious. That story sounds sus. 🤔
Tea Gossip or news. Spill the tea, what happened? ☕
Thicc Curvy in a desirable way. Feeling thicc in these jeans. 🍑
Thirst Trap A photo or video intended to attract attention. Posted a thirst trap pic. 📸
TFW That Feeling When, used to describe a relatable moment. TFW you finally get a break. 😌
Troll Someone who provokes others online. Don't feed the trolls. 🧌
Vibe A feeling or atmosphere. Loving the vibe of this place. 🌴
Vibe Check Assessing someone's mood or the atmosphere of a place. You passed the vibe check! ✅
Viral Widely spread online. Hope this video goes viral! 🌐
VSCO girl A girl who follows the VSCO aesthetic, often using specific fashion and phrases. I'm such a VSCO girl, sksksk. 📸
Wig Expression of being impressed, implying something was so good it "snatched" your wig off. That performance snatched my wig. 👩
Woke Socially aware and conscious. Stay woke about social issues. ✊
Yeet To throw something with force. Yeet that ball across the field. 🏈
Yolo You Only Live Once, used to justify spontaneous behavior. Just booked a spontaneous trip, YOLO! 🌍
Yass Yes with enthusiasm. Yass queen! 💁

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