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You have great products? Don’t limit yourself in one channel.
Use Kua.ai to repurpose your listings across platforms – Amazon, Shopify, WordPress, and more. Create review blogs and social posts to promote them.

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Each type of eCommerce business faces unique challenges, and we provide solutions tailored for you!

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Optimize Your Amazon Listing

Rewrite your Amazon listing to include popular keywords in a high converting way

Check Amazon Listing Quality

Audit your Amazon listing & get actionable advice to increase visibility & conversion rates

Learn from Competition

Identify competitive listings to gain insights about keywords & selling points to use
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Choose Trending SEO Topics

Find topics with high volume & low difficulty for your keywords

Generate Personalized Blogs

Start blogging of your style, leveraging data from your own website, your competition & trending topics

Repurse Content across Channels

Transform a blog into content for all of your channels to increase online presence
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List Products with One Click

Convert AliExpress URLs into compelling product descriptions & seamlessly sync them on Shopify, WooCommerce & WordPress

Automate Marketing Content for Products

Generate blogs, social posts, email marketing & ad copies for your products automatically to drive traffic
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Al Agents for eCommerce Content Generation

Imagine having a professional team at your command that can research, create, and deliver results independently...with only 1/10 of the cost. Yes, that's what Al agents are for. We have features in place to make this a reality in eCommerce.


With workflow, you can
Easily adapt workflow template to your need
Build your own workflow from scratch
Connect to Google data for real world question
Enjoy hundreds of ready-to-go automated workflows
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Access to eCommerce Data

Kua.ai is smarter than AI, because we have real world data
Google search trends with different keywords
Ranking of different keywords on Amazon
The competition between different keywords on Amazon
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Web Scrapping

Drop us a URL, and we deliver data
Get Listing information from Amazon ASIN
Get product description from AliExpress URL
Get Insight from Competiting website
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Platform Integration

Connect your account so you can
Plan and publish seamlessly
Gain productivity with automation
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Store critical information within Infobase so you can
Created content which is always accurate
Quickly tailor your own brand voice  
Reference it via tags, no more repetitive inputs
Easily integrate your company info to AI workflow
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Best AI Model

We offer state of art AI base model
GPT-4 with vision
Stable Diffusion
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Don’t just take our word for it

Unbiased opinions from those who matter —— our users
"Compared to Alwxxxmxxx, a similar app, Kua.ai was unexpectedly superior in terms of cost and app content. After linking it to my website with a different topic, I regret not having purchased this app sooner. I highly recommend using this app before it's too late!!"
"Using Kua.ai gives me outstanding product descriptions, and I've been able to create high-quality contentWhat's even more impressive is the exceptional support I received. Recently, when I encountered an issue, the Kua.ai team responded promptly and resolved it within a couple of hours.I am excited to see what they bring out in future."
"Thanks for coming to AppSumo! Looks cool.Just one more vote for Pabbly. With a Pabbly integration this is an instant buy for me. Without it, it's probably a pass. Integrating with Google sheets would also work because then I can pick up the data from there with Pabbly. At least for my use case, the value of your tool is wholly dependent on the strength of the automatons and integrations."
"Kudos to you for such a wonderful product. I created an account and am very happy with the results. It commendable job you guys have done."
"Hi, the product is interesting and valuable based on what I have learned in 30 minutes using it.Quite a few minor glitches, such as Claude-2 results do not appear in the browser Al results for Facebook Product Ads, but GPT 4 does, and then if you check history, you can actually find the Claude 2 ads that were generated but which were not present in the Ul.I expect these kinds of things will be quickly sorted out.(The access to the underlying native functions and building apps via workflows is phenomenal and outweighs the few Ul glitches.)"
"Value Tool for E-commerce: Easy yet Powerful."
"I firmly agree with other reviewers.Im using teh combo Kua.ai, junia.ai, socialmonials and wizwrite. I would recommend all of them for different tasks. For me Kua.ai is the most granular tool, giving you specific result
- not general outcome, but really something that you can publish straight away. So if I want to summarize blog article, i have a summary right at hand. I can also generate business profile for social media, prepare the full content for ads,posts. I dont need to "learn"how to work with amazon..btw, there is something more
- you can prepare Biedronka listing.I need to investigate that. I didnt know you can make some listing for Biedronka D
If you hesitate because you are afraid of buying again similar Al based tool, you want be upset. This is well organized tool which give you ideas of tasks you would never think about."
"Free trial is promising, just curious if data generated (keywords, hashtags, product ideas)can be exported to google sheets? Do you have integration with Pabbly?"
"Ok,I'm going to give this 5 tacos because I am thoroughly impressed with what they've built for us (they are essentially giving us the ability to create custom GPTs and workflows using live data from Google and Amazon which is amazing).The quality of output in their existing workflows is A+too. Their help docs are thorough (albiet they could be organized a bit better which I know they are working on),and the Ul is nice to look at and easy to use.James and his team are clearly very smart.It's worth noting they have wonderful customer service too.We went back and forth through email for a few days and they were always quick to respond and thorough in their replies."
"Nice product there,still getting to know it better but it's a good fit for auto product updates and blogs.Keep it up"
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